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A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of members from industry, government, and academia worldwide. Our mission is to educate and connect the HPC user community with the latest technologies and best practices to optimize business processes and workforce advancement

Our technology focus includes AI/Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, and Visualization utilized in applications in Energy, Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Engineering, Financial Services, Cybersecurity, Government, and Academia.

The Society of HPC Professionals invites you to attend:
A Lunch & Learn Round Table Discussion Meeting

Lunch & Learn – September 2018
Introduction to Pumps & Pipes

Held September 27, 2018


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Pumps & Pipes is an association of medical, energy, aerospace, academic and community professionals and leaders. Founded in 2007, our core values are education, communication and collaboration. At its heart, Pumps & Pipes is an interdisciplinary endeavor, emphasizing inclusivity across nations and disciplines.

Our guiding principle to problem-solving is “exploring your neighbor’s toolkit.”

Mission of Pumps&Pipes

  • Provide a platform to bring together professional groups who may not otherwise have the opportunity to interact for the transfer of knowledge and technology knowhow
  • Be the leader in promoting cross-industry collaboration to solve challenging Pumps & Pipes problems
  • Help strengthen the educational offerings in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM)


Speaker Bio:

Frank D. Perez
Chief Executive Officer, Sfile Technology

As a Serial Entrepreneur my whole career has been about automated things. When you think about every venture that I’ve ever done and every problem we try to solve, you build upon a same thing to take it to the next place. And you translate that same challenge into the challenge you’re looking at right now, and you’re figuring out how you can do even better. But now you have a second iteration, third iteration, tenth iteration to try to do it all over again.




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