A charitable, service-based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (NPO) educating and connecting the High Performance Computing (HPC) user community to state of art technology for the purpose of optimizing business processes and workforce advancement.

Our technology focus includes AI/Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Visualization utilized in applications in Energy, Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Engineering, Financial Services, Academia, and Government.

Upcoming SHPCP Events



Lunch & Learn – May 2024

InspireSemi Thunderbird Compute Accelerator for HPC, AI, and Graph Analytics

Alex Gray – Founder, President, and CTO
Doug Norton – CMO

30 May 2024
11:30am- Noon CDT — Networking
Noon – 1:00pm CDT — Presentation (+ online option)
1:00pm – 1:30pm CDT — TACC Tour (optional)

Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) + Online option
10505 Exploration Way
Austin, TX 78758

SHPCP Event Schedule

SHPCP meetings are hybrid, with both in-person and online option.
We alternate between Houston at HCC West Loop Campus and Austin at TACC per below.

MonthEventTopicHouston: HCC West Loop CampusAustin: Texas Advanced Computing CenterSpecial Occasion Venue
January 2024Lunch & LearnPerformant Data Analytics Through Purpose-Built Computer Architecture, Martin Deneroff, CEO Lucata25 Jan. 2024
February 2024Lunch & LearnMaking Digital Twins a Reality for Clinical Oncology - Ernesto Lima, UT Austin29 Feb. 2024
March 2024Partner eventEnergy HPC Conference (Rice University)Rice Univ. BRC
5-7 March 2024
April 2024Partner event2024 Gulf Coast Conference & Expo on Artificial Intelligence11-12 April 2024
April 2024Annual SHPCP EventAnnual Technology Meeting of the Society of HPC ProfessionalsShell Woodcreek Campus
25 April 2024
May 2024Lunch & LearnThunderbird Next Gen Compute Accelerator for HPC, AI, and Graph Analytics - Doug Norton, InspireSemi30 May 2024
June 2024Lunch & LearnTour of Shell and DUG Houston datcetners27 June 2024Skybox Datacenters, Houston

HPC & AI Event Calendar


Other Events of Interest



EAGE Annual Conference & Exposition

Technology and talent for a secure and sustainable energy future

SHPCP President Doug Norton will be leading panels on HPC & AI.

10-13 June 2024

Oslo, Norway

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The International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy

26–29 August 2024

George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, Texas


The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

17-22 November 2024

Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA

Educational Opportunities

Previous SHPCP Events

25 April 2024Annual Technology Meeting of the Society of HPC Professionals
29 Feb 2024Lunch & Learn - Optimal Therapeutic Strategies for HER2+ Breast Cancer Treatment: A Mathematical Modeling Approach
25 Jan 2024Lunch & Learn - Performant Data Analytics Through Purpose-Built Computer Architecture
26 Oct 2023Lunch & Learn - Tackling Healthcare's Paradoxes: Using a ML-Enabled EMR Provider Workflow to Improve Patient Care & Streamline Non-Clinical Tasks
28 Sept 2023Lunch & Learn - Sustainable EH&S Compliance through AI and IT/OT Innovation in Energy
31 Aug 2023Lunch & Learn - Single Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling: The Path to Cooling 1,000 Watt Chips and Beyond & TACC tour
27 July 2023Lunch & Learn - Leveraging HPC for Real-Time Machinery Monitoring and Control in Oil & Gas
29 June 2023Lunch & Learn - Petrobras HPC infrastructure
1 Jun 2023Lunch & Learn - AI Applications and Possibilities in Filmmaking
27 Apr 2023Lunch & Learn - Building Inclusive and Diverse AI Ecosystems: A Stakeholder Approach
31 Mar 2023Special Event - Gulf Coast Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence
23 Feb 2023Quantum Computing, how it works, where the industry is at, and how you can get started
8 Dec 2022Annual Technology Meeting of the Society of HPC Professionals
27 Oct 2022Lunch & Learn - Cerebras Systems in HPC
22 Sept 2022Lunch & Learn - Data Intensive Computing in the age of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA)
25 Aug 2022Lunch & Learn - Optimizing Scientific Computations Using the Power of HPC in the Cloud
30 June 2022Lunch & Learn - MemComputing, the technology you have never heard of that will change computing
26 May 2022Lunch & Learn - Accelerating Scientific Discovery at Extreme Scale with ParaView
28 Apr 2022Lunch & Learn - Texas Women in HPC: Leveling the Playing Field
24 Mar 2022Lunch & Learn - Datacenter: Hotter and faster, what’s next?
24 Feb 2022Lunch & Learn - Serving and Managing Reproducible HPC Environments via Conda-Store
27 Jan 2022Lunch & Learn - AI-Driven Adaptive Multiresolution Molecular Simulations on Heterogeneous Computing Platforms
2 Dec 2021Annual Meeting of the Society of HPC Professionals
28 Oct 2021Lunch & Learn - Emerging Technologies: 3D quantum computing devices at the SQMS research center and QIS ecosystem
23 Sept 2021Lunch & Learn - Using High Performance Computing to allow clinical compatible performance for biomechanical Finite Element simulations
26 Aug 2021Lunch & Learn - Using Bayesian Optimization techniques to dramatically speed up total solution time for HPC disciplines
22 July 2021Lunch & Learn - An HPC Journey - Porting a Solar Physics Code to Large Scale Systems
24 June 2021Lunch & Learn - The Benefits of Industrialized Data Science and Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
27 May 2021Lunch & Learn - Ethical AI: Complex society reduced to simplistic binary stereotypes?
22 Apr 2021Lunch & Learn - Constructing a Computationally Efficient Distributed GPU appliance in a PCI Express Based Network
25 Mar 2021Lunch & Learn - Unexpected Changes to the HPC Storage Landscape in 2021
25 Feb 2021Lunch & Learn - Upstream Energy Data Analytics Badges
28 Jan 2021Lunch & Learn - QEarth on Alveo cards: Accelerating machine learning inference to achieve real time earth-modeling
10-11 Dec 2020Annual Meeting of the Society of HPC Professionals
22 Oct 2020Lunch & Learn - Accelerating Medicine with Modern Genomics
24 Sep 2020Lunch & Learn - Podman and new technologies for HPC: improving results from AI/ML workloads vs traditional HPC
27 Aug 2020Lunch & Learn - Accelerate Innovation without Infrastructure Constraints using HPC on AWS
23 Jul 2020Lunch & Learn - Next Generation Infrastructure Software for Hybrid Cloud HPC Clusters
25 Jun 2020Lunch & Learn - Optimizing Seismic in the Cloud for Performance and Cost
28 May 2020Lunch & Learn - Programming parallel codes with PyCOMPSs at Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC)
23 Apr 2020Lunch & Learn - Real Time Well Data Analysis in the Cloud with Subsurface Data Engineering
26 Mar 2020Lunch & Learn - Computing for the Endless Frontier – How TACC Supports Breakthrough Science
27 Feb 2020Lunch & Learn - Preparing for Exascale Storage….Is Your Underlying Filesystem Ready?
23 Jan 2020Lunch & Learn - Seisflix: Cloud-based Seismic Express Interpretation on demand
5 Dec 2019Annual Meeting of the Society of HPC Professionals
24 Oct 2019Lunch & Learn - Cloud Native HPC
26 Sep 2019Lunch & Learn - Maximizing HPC Computation and Visual Analysis Workflow
22 Aug 2019Lunch & Learn - Physics of Memory and Learning – from the Perspective of Interacting Biomolecules
25 Jul 2019Lunch & Learn - Machine Learning and Geophysical Inversion – A Numerical Study
28 Jun 2019Lunch & Learn - Tour to The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at UT Austin
16 May 2019Lunch & Learn - HPC/AI Convergence, Workload Matters – Presented by NVIDIA
25 Apr 2019Lunch & Learn - Hands-on demo on high performance 3D Data Visualization using ParaView
28 Mar 2019Lunch & Learn - Deep Learning Applications in Manned Spaceflight
28 Feb 2019Lunch & Learn - Applications of HPC for prediction of liver cancer treatment response
27 Sep 2018Lunch & Learn - Introduction to Pumps & Pipes
24 May 2018Lunch & Learn - Hyperledger: open source blockchain for business
26 Apr 2018Lunch & Learn - Using FPGAs for Computation
22 Mar 2018Lunch & Learn - Tour to BP’s Center for High-Performance Computing
22 Feb 2018Lunch & Learn - Datacenter Infrastructure for HPC: Site selection & special operational considerations; Also a post mortem on Hurricane Harvey
25 Jan 2018Lunch & Learn - Infinite Memory Engine® (IME®): Accelerating Application and File Systems to make Clusters More Predictable
26 Oct 2017Lunch & Learn - Machine Learning 101: “What do I need to learn before I can make my machine learn?”
24 Aug 2017Lunch & Learn - Customer issues and challenges of greater technology choices for High Performance Computing clusters sponsored by Lenovo
11 May 2017Lunch & Learn - Dave Montana - Red Hat: The 10 Layers to Container Security
11 Apr 2017Lunch & Learn - IBM Weather Company and OpenPower
09 Mar 2017Lunch & Learn - Right Sizing HPC Resources for Local and Cloud Resources
09 Feb 2017Lunch & Learn - UAS Sensors and Applications
12 Jan 2017Lunch & Learn - HPC Systems - Not a good fit for most IT departments?
7 Dec 2016SHPCP Annual Meeting – Edging my way to Exascale
08 Nov 2016Lunch & Learn - Deep Learning Platform for Seismic Data Analytics
06 Oct 2016Lunch & Learn - Visualization Infrastructure at the Campus Scale
08 Sep 2016Lunch & Learn - The Future of High Performance and Supercomputing and the Geoscience Computing SIG
23 Jun 2016Lunch & Learn - SequenceL Overview and Customer Use Cases
26 May 2016Lunch & Learn - Using Storage Class Memory
28 Apr 2016Lunch & Learn - The Real World of Emerging Memories
24 Mar 2016Lunch & Learn - You Need to Do What Now? Working with Multi-Terabyte Data Sets
25 Feb 2016Lunch & Learn - IME: Breaking free from I/O bottlenecks with Burst Buffer technology
2 Dec 2015SHPCP Annual Technical Meeting – HPC in Cybersecurity
24 Sep 2015Lunch & Learn - Cybersecurity – It’s Not Just for System Administrators
25 Jun 2015Lunch & Learn - Developing innovative FLASH platforms for the in-memory computing era
28 May 2015Lunch & Learn - Getting the Most Out of Flash Storage
23 Apr 2015Lunch & Learn - Accelerating Applications: The Enduring Goal of Exploiting Parallelism in HPC Technical Software
26 Mar 2015Lunch & Learn - Cluster Manager – Ease of cluster deployment and management for High Performance Computing, Data Center and Technical Computing environments
26 Feb 2015Lunch & Learn - Visualization Infrastructure at the Campus Scale
22 Jan 2015Lunch & Learn - Automata Processing: A Massively Parallel Computing Solution
3 Dec 2014SHPCP Annual Technical Meeting - HPC: Up Front & Personal
25 Sep 2014Lunch & Learn - Spark-Based Seismic Data Analytics Cloud
26 Jun 2014Lunch & Learn - Is your Company Configured for IT Success
22 May 2014Lunch & Learn - Build, Compute, Visualize: Cloud Computing and the path to HPC on Demand
24 Apr 2014Lunch & Learn - PCI Express
13 Mar 2014Lunch & Learn - HPC Topics hosted by University of Houston
27 Feb 2014Lunch & Learn - Using SequenceL™ to Quickly and Easily Develop Parallelized Applications that Utilize Both CPU and GPU Cores
23 Jan 2014Lunch & Learn - Optimizing RTM for Xeon Phi: Lessons Learned
22 Aug 2013Lunch & Learn - Visualization Prep for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) 2013
25 Jul 2013Lunch & Learn - Application Development Tools
27 Jun 2013Lunch & Learn - Analytics
23 May 2013Lunch & Learn - The BIG Dog in the room: What part of HPC Cloud is Myth? What part is Reality?