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WEBINAR: HPC Scalability in the Cloud - Amazon Web Services

  • 15 Oct 2014
  • 3:00 PM
  • Web

HPC Scalability in the Cloud -  Amazon Web Services

SHPCP Technical Webinar:
15 October 2014 – 3pm CDT (1pm PDT)

Dougal Ballantyne,HPC Solutions Architect
David Pellerin, HPC Business Development Principal


Dougal Ballantyne leads the HPC Solution Architects at Amazon Web Services(AWS). He has over 15 years of IT experience covering a broad list of industries including Telecommunications, Oil & Gas and Cloud Computing. When not directly helping customers understand how to leverage the cloud for HPC, he is developing tools to make cluster deployments easier.

David Pellerin leads business development for HPC at Amazon Web Services. Prior to joining Amazon, Mr. Pellerin founded or was a member of a number of firms related to hardware-accelerated computing, most recently serving as founder and CTO of Impulse Accelerated Technologies. He has domain experience in HPC applications ranging from life sciences and financial computing, to image processing and embedded systems. Mr. Pellerin is the author of five technical books including Practical FPGA Programming in C (2005).


Enterprises of all sizes are turning to the cloud to achieve scalability for a wide range of HPC applications. This webinar will cover HPC use-cases relevant to the energy sector, as well as highlighting best-practices for security, reliability, and performance. Topics will include cloud-based HPC cluster deployment and management, job scheduling methods, and how to use scale-up and scale-down automation for reduced cost and increased performance.