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WEBINAR: Title: How On-Demand HPC Architecture is Changing Engineering Development - Rescale

  • 17 Sep 2014
  • 3:00 PM
  • Web

Title: How On-Demand HPC Architecture is Changing Engineering Development

SHPCP Technical Webinar:
17 September 2014 – 3pm CDT (1pm PDT)


Adam McKenzie, Founder & CTO - Rescale, Inc.
Ilea Graedel, Business Development Manager - Rescale, Inc.


Adam McKenzie - Adam is responsible for leading the technical team at Rescale. Prior to founding Rescale, Adam spent three years as a consultant at Slalom Consulting, developing web-based business applications for business in the high-tech and commercial real estate sectors. Adam began his career at Boeing, where he spent seven years working on multiple programs—primarily as a structural and software engineer on the 787 program, designing, analyzing, and optimizing the wing. Adam holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering cum laude from Oregon State University.

Ilea Graedel
- Prior to joining Rescale, Ilea collaborated on the design of Martian and Cube satellites with Worcester Polytechnic Institute's aerospace division. She also worked on the creation of a childhood education app at the Tower of London. In addition to engineering, Ilea has extensive experience in public speaking and presentations. Ilea holds a B.S in Aerospace Engineering and a B.S in Professional Writing, both awarded with distinction, from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


Engineering and scientific simulation is becoming the critical tool that fuels the innovation pipeline for leading companies in industries and applications ranging from the development of new spacecraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in aerospace to revolutionary new drug discovery techniques in life sciences to advanced electronic design automation (EDA) for the next generation of semiconductor devices. In today’s presentation, Adam will explore how empowering user access to on-demand resources for hardware and software is providing engineers the tools to move up a level of abstraction in the development process, improving their ability to handle large complex models and utilize simulation driven development as a key asset for innovation and breakthrough technologies.